Showing Up for Rehab During Turbulent Times

Unfortunately, yet understandably, there are more seniors deciding against joining or rejoining their necessary rehabilitation during these turbulent and questionable times. With sickness still surrounding us, and with so much fear and unknown in the air, it makes sense. There are so many important questions and points that seniors and their families are thinking about […]

Top 5 Home-Safe Remedies to Prevent and Ease Flu Symptoms

‘Tis the season for our little viral friend the flu. Maybe he’s paying you a visit as we speak, or maybe you’d like to buckle down on some preventative action-steps so that if he does start knocking at your door, you’re a little more prepared than you were 5 minutes ago. Of course, these are […]

Extend Your Life By as Much as 4 Years — Just By Staying Active

Exercise can make me live longer? Essentially, yes! According to Harvard Health Publishing, exercise provides an incredible myriad of health benefits. These benefits range from strengthening bones to positive effects on mood, losing weight and improving balance, to preventing chronic illness such and diabetes and heart disease. Research dating back to the late 1980s has consistently […]